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“I've Learned That People Will Forget What You Said, People Will Forget What You Did, but People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel”


Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is Hari Raya Aidiladha, but I still in UKM. It seems that this is my first time I celebrated Aidiladha alone, without my family and friends. I’ve called my father last night to wish him Aidiladha and just to send my regard to all my family members. I’ve told them earlier that I didn’t come back this Aidiladha because I have works to do here. Because it’s just an Aidiladha, so I wouldn’t feel something different if I celebrate it right here.

I woke up early this morning to make sure that I didn’t miss the Aidiladha prayer. For me, there is no meaning for Hari Raya if I missed the prayer. It was raining, and I decided to walk to UKM mosque. About 8.00 am, I’ve arrived at the mosque and it seems that not many people yet. I seat alone and follow the Takbir Hari Raya. The prayer started at about 8.30 am and followed by khutbah Aidiladha. Today, I’ve got a new experience about the khutbah here. As I already knew, khutbah Aidiladha at my hometown just tell about the Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail story and about the history of Ibadat Haji. But today, the khatib who is an ex-lecturer in FPI also combining all the current issues that happened in this few months to share to all the people. I felt that today khutbah is very interesting. It still raining when I came out from the mosque, and I took another walk to my college. Again, I didn’t saw any one else except myself going to KBH. So, I make a conclusion that there is only me who stayed here. huhu…

It’s still early and it’s still raining, so I decided to rest for a while before I can go to Dewan Gemilang because Aidiladha will be celebrate here at 10.30 am for those AUG volunteer who are not going back to their hometown. Suddenly, when I woke up, it’s already 1.30 pm. Owh my God… I’ve miss the celebration and the most important thing is I miss the FOOD. Never mind, dah xde rezeki kot… I decided to go out to buy some food, but it’s still raining. So, I decided to eat MAGGI… huhu...

Till here, somebody call me...